Our home and commercial consultation services result in a project that is streamlined and consistent with your needs. Instead of replacement, your system may just require selected repairs and a little TLC. If you are in the market for a new system design, GotUWired’s expertise will ensure that you are getting the most for your money.


GotUWired is a logical choice to design your Audio/Visual system. Our extensive expertise and knowledge of cutting edge technology allows you to benefit from all that the latest equipment has to offer. We can cater our designs to most any budget. From an acoustics standpoint, our team of experienced designers can analyze any room to ensure that a properly designed audio system will deliver clear, intelligible sound.


Our staff can provide a highly detailed level of system engineering and documentation. We’ll put together a solution that detailed and consistent with your needs. Poor system documentation makes maintenance, trouble-shooting and upgrading difficult and time consuming. GotUWired’s engineering and documentation standards are derived from years of experience.

Project Management

Our A/V designers can provide experienced Project Management services to ensure your project completes within your timeline.  If you require professional representation in meetings, and someone to “take initiative”, GotUWired is ready to meet this challenge.


If needed we have the ability to completely assemble, wire and test your system before it ever leaves for your installation. A clean controlled facility allows fabrication, wire management and testing to be performed in an optimal atmosphere.


Once your system has been designed and fabricated, integration into the facility is the next key step. GotUWired’s employees all have extensive “real world” experience working on construction sites throughout Southern California. We know how to interface with any General Contractors to get the job done.


Today’s Audio/Visual systems often require extensive programming. We are able to provide program development for URC and RTI. .


Once your system is up and running, preventative maintenance will ensure that it functions as well as the day it was new. Our staff and affiliated service network can provide a variety of cost effective maintenance solutions. Also, in the event of an unexpected failure, we can dispatch a repair technician to your facility to get you up and running as quickly as possible.