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GotUWired™: Intricate Systems, Simple Solutions.

GotUWired™ provides a one-stop source for your audio, video, security & cabling needs. We facilitate and optimize every step of the installation process from concept to completion. Since 2006,GotUWired™ has provided technology equipment and professional installation services throughout Southern California to business customers, building an impressive base of satisfied commercial clientele.

Customized Service, Expert Insight—From Start to Finish

From boardrooms to manufacturing plants, our Systems Designers consult with each client during an on-site inspection. Documenting technical specifications, power / service feeds, and customer concerns, our team makes informed and experienced recommendations for your consideration.

On-Site Training gets every customer up and running the day of installation. When our experts leave, you will have what you need and you’ll know how to use it. Technical Support makes sure it stays that way.

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