Types of Security Surveillance Systems

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Surveillance SystemsSecurity surveillance systems protect your business from vandals, theft, and intrusion. They monitor and record suspicious and unusual activity on and around your property. If you would like to protect your business from burglary and vandalism, then you should invest in security surveillance equipment. Our San Diego business provides security surveillance systems such as indoor surveillance equipment, outdoor surveillance equipment, and Security DVRs. In this article, we will discuss these systems to give you a better understanding.

Indoor Surveillance Systems

Protecting the inside of your business requires surveillance systems that are designed for the inside. You can install these cameras to monitor employees, customers, and visitors who come inside your establishment. You can install them in any room discretely or monitor multiple rooms simultaneously. These cameras usually provide crisp clear images. If you are interested in getting your hands on indoor surveillance systems, we have different options in our San Diego AV business.

Outdoor Surveillance Systems

Installing outdoor surveillance systems will protect your property and house from vandals, burglary, and theft. Outdoor systems such as security cameras and intrusion detection systems monitors the surroundings on and around your property. There are specific cameras designed for outdoor installation. These are the ones that you should install outside and not on the inside, although many people use them in both circumstances. There are also intrusion detection systems for monitoring sounds and activities on the outside. They detect sounds, vibrations, or movements by triggering an alarm or turning on a light. In San Diego, our team of professionals will help you to choose the right outdoor surveillance system for your business.

Security DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) Surveillance Systems

To really protect your business, you should have a security DVR installed, especially for evidence. A high-end security DVR typically provides long hours of recorded video, clear and distinct images, and large amount of storage space. You can have it connected to your indoor and outdoor cameras to record malicious activity and theft. You can then use it as evidence if you become a victim of theft, burglary, or vandalism.

Investing in indoor or outdoor surveillance equipment for monitoring suspicious activity is definitely beneficial for your business. Our San Diego business provides these and other surveillance systems to protect and monitor your property.


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