Sony to release new home theater sound system

February 11, 2013

Sony to release home theater sound system featuring canned Brazilian stadium noise and 4K upscaling


sony home theater

Two reasons to be excited about Sony’s upcoming products family are silenced sports commentators and 4K upscaling.

Now, Sony announced formally two cinema systems for home along with a surround sound bar. Designed after the “Sense of Quartz” design implemented in Sony’s Bravia televisions, the new products trio are angular, sleek, and stocked with a never seen before features from the company.

The BDV-N9100W Home Cinema System requires a whopping peak power of 1000-watts, and offers a disc player of 3D/2D Blu-ray with 4K upscaling. The BDV-E6100 Home Cinema System provides NFC (near field communications) capabilities and Bluetooth, like its kin. But, if you are one of the nearly 1000 consumers with a 4K/Ultra HD TV on earth, you may be disappointed by the upscaling technology absence.

Both these systems offer new features also to the table. TV SideView app of Sony allows remote control capability and second screen browsing, while pre-recorded audio Football Mode pipes took from a stadium of Brazilian soccer, enabling you substituting noise of canned crowd for the often-platitudinous commentary that comes along with sports broadcasts. But how will that act with tennis?

The HT-CT660 Surround Sound Bar seems as an afterthought following the big boys, but the bar seems holding its own, offering Bluetooth, 330-watts peak power, NFC, and 4 HDMI ports (one out, three in).

All these 3 products are planned to launch in May. Pricing is not available now, but some points of premium price to go with these new features can be probably expected. Anything 4K-capable at this point can attract enthusiasts about wealthy home theater.