Audio and Video Equipment for Entertainment

April 17, 2014

San Diego audio videoEntertainment systems include various interconnected audio and video equipment. The equipment can be as simple televisions and speakers, but if you would like to create a sophisticated entertainment system, then you will need to get additional components, such as A/V receivers, speakers, subwoofers, TV mounts and brackets. In this article, we will briefly explain these components that we carry in our San Diego audio video establishment.

Audio Video Receivers

An AV receiver is a key piece of audio equipment that you should have in your entertainment system. It is a powerful amplifier that is considered the heart of the AV system. It should provide the listener with superb sound quality and be equipped with a remote control and self-equalization. It should meet or exceed the basic features of a standard AV receiver, like the ones we carry in our San Diego audio video business.


Speakers are definitely necessary for an entertainment system. Good quality speakers, such as theater speakers, stereo speakers, and multimedia speakers should provide pristine sound quality. When you have good quality speakers the sound quality is more distinct, even in a room full of noisy people. You can get a hold of good quality speakers at our San Diego audio video business. Just let us know the type of speakers you would like for your entertainment system.


Subwoofers add dynamic sound effects from all your interconnected devices, such as DVD players, televisions, and sound bars. This piece of audio equipment will provide the sound effects that you will definitely need for parties, sports, and action movies. If you want to make your entertainment system into a real dynamic theater system, then a subwoofer would definitely add that feel.

TV Mounts and Brackets

TV mounts, and brackets are required to hold your television on the wall. You should ensure that you get high quality sturdy mounts that will securely hold your television or other display devices in place. Let us know the size of your display device and we will provide you with sturdy reliable TV mounts and brackets from our San Diego audio video store.

Getting the right audio and video equipment for your entertainment system makes a big difference in the audio and video quality. You should ensure that the equipment is durable, reliable, and provide pristine audio, and video quality.

San Diego Audio Video

September 27, 2009

It has become essential, almost in every modern home to use the audio/video technology. GotUWired prides itself to be specialized in San Diego audio video techniques. Our professional staff has the experience needed to design and install your audio/video system. We will help you to choose the most proper component that best suits your needs from a wide variety of well-known brands.

If you still did not make up your mind deciding which of San Diego audio video equipments to use, we will let you know the difference among them so as to be sure that you select the best for your home. It is true that there are a large number of manufacturers providing a lot of audio/video models; ranging from LCD, Plasma TV and HDTV, as well as many audio enhancements like in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. However, our installation technical team will provide you just the exact solution that goes with your lifestyle, your taste and home decoration.

San Diego Audio Video

GotUwired presents many innovative new techniques using San Diego audio video tools that add a pleasant touch to your life. There are numerous indoors and outdoors customized audio video modules that actually turn your dream home into a true lively reality. By experiencing the new surround sound system along with the high quality video image, you will love being at your home more than any time before.

We at GotUwired pay high attention to all details; starting from concealing the wires and cables so as not to distort the image of your decorations, to mounting the TV on the wall and skillfully distributing the speakers to create the sense of 3D sound system. Satisfying our customer needs, and being committed to our outstanding high standards are core keys in our policy. We go step by step with you to be confident of your choices, and be sure that your custom installed audio video system is exactly as you always imagined, or maybe better. Our team never leaves your home until you are happy with each and every feature!