San Diego HDTV

September 27, 2009

Analog, digital and high definition TVs are very different. For many years, watching TV has involved analog signals and cathode ray tube (CRT) sets. However, this system has worked pretty well for a long time, but it has some limitations, like its low resolution. A digital signal transmits the information for video and sound as ones and zeros instead of as a wave. A digital signal can support a higher resolution, so the picture will still look good when shown on a larger TV screen. HDTV standards are the top level of all the digital signals. But whether you see a high-definition picture and hear the accompanying surround sound depends on two things. First, the station has to be broadcasting a high-definition signal. Second, you have to have the right equipment to receive and view it; which is our specialty. GotUWired is specialized in customized installation of San Diego HDTV.

More and more families are using HDTVs lately because of its bright colorful image quality. You may have noticed that most DVD movies, an increasing number of TV shows, and even some commercials, have black bars above and below the screen. If you were watching them on a San Diego HDTV, often you wouldn’t see any bars at all. The picture will usually fill the screen. Conversely, if you watch a regular TV show on an HDTV, it won’t fit on the screen properly. There may be bars to either side, or the picture may be stretched or zoomed.

Adjusting your HDTV is important. Even the best HDTVs can look pretty bad if they’re not adjusted properly. If you want to get the most out of your HDTV, adjusting it beyond the factory default settings is a good idea. GotUWired will professionally adjust your San Diego HDTV, and you will enjoy a lively crystal clear image on your screen. We provide you with the best HD complete solutions that best fit your own lifestyle.