Understand How Digital Signage Works

July 9, 2014

san diego digital signageBusinesses, professionals, and government agencies use digital signs to display messages to their customers/clients and the public. You may not understand the technology or even how it is used, but we will provide you with some basic information about these electronic devices. In this article we will explain a little about digital signage, the types of digital signs, and how they are used. If you are interested in learning how they can help your business, contact our audio/video business in San Diego and we will show you how you can use digital signage to spread your message to the public and your customers.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signs are electronic devices that display messages using LCD, LED, projectors, and plasma displays. Large and small businesses use them to broadcast messages to their audience at different locations. They use them for advertising, informing, and educating an audience.

Types of Digital Signage

Digital signs are everywhere, from restaurants to airport, educational institutions to retail businesses, government agencies to hotels, and so many other places. These organizations use LCD, LED, Projectors, and Plasma displays to show messages.

  • LCD Digital Signs – These are commonly used for advertisements in public and private locations. Retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and corporations, use LCD digital signs to display messages, images, and videos.
  • LED Digital Signs – LED digital signs are high-end digital signs that cost more than LCDs. However, they conserve more energy, last longer, and produce better quality images.
  • Projected Images – Professional projectors are used to project digital images, send messages, and show videos.
  • Plasma Digital Signs – Plasma digital signs are great for events because they produce crisp clear images for long periods of time.

If you would like to incorporate digital signs in your business, our San Diego AV establishment can provide you with various digital signage options.

Digital Signage Uses

Digital signs are used at various public and private locations and events. You can incorporate a digital sign in any of the following situations.

  • Corporate Communications – You can use digital signage to send messages to your employees and clients in your lobby.
  • Advertisements – You can advertise products and services to your customers using digital signs.
  • Entertainment Events – Digital signs will help your audience learn about current and upcoming events.
  • Directions – This is a very effective way to guide your customers/clients and visitors to your business and corporate events.
  • Public Announcements – You can use digital signs to advertise the latest news, weather, and time/date.
  • Menus – You can use digital signs to advertise your meals, prices, and specials.

Digital signs are electronic systems that promote, advertise, educate, and inform your customers or the public. If you are interested incorporating any of these signs in your organization, contact us in San Diego and we will show you how you can use digital signage in your business.

The Best Brands of Digital Signage

June 12, 2014

The Best Brands of Digital Signage in San DiegoThe type of digital signage that you choose is based on your business direction and what you would like to accomplish. If you use poor quality, distorted, and flimsy digital signage will lead to slow business development, miscommunication, and possibly a poor reputation. You want a digital signage brand that provides high-resolution images and demonstrates professionalism. Going with reliable brands, such as Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba, and LG will provide your business with the quality that it deserves. Our AV business in San Diego provides professional digital signage brands that you can rely on. Let us know the brand that you are looking for and we will do our best to help you.

Panasonic Digital Signage

Panasonic provides reliable and durable digital signage for small to large businesses.

  • Display projectors – Panasonic provide basic to complex display projectors that are easily networked with other devices.
  • LED Digital Signage – Their LED displays provide high resolution imaging that produces excellent video quality with 3D imagery.
  • Outdoor Digital Signage – Outdoor digital signs from Panasonic are sturdy weatherproof displays that will stand up to almost any conditions.

If you are interested in obtaining a Panasonic digital signage, let us know at our San Diego business.

Sharp Digital Signage

Sharp is a brand that has been around for a while. They carry video walls and professional displays for commercial use.

  • Video Walls – Their slim designed video walls with seamless borders can provide portrait and landscape views.
  • LCD and HDTV displays – They provide excellent picture quality that is suitable for commercial use.

This is a trustworthy brand that has been around for years. Our San Diego AV business is proud to say that we stand behind this digital signage brand.

LG Digital Signage

LG is another well-known brand that is now manufacturing commercial digital signage. Their innovative monitor and TV digital signage are durable and flexible.

  • Digital Signage Monitors – LG digital signage monitors include displays such as, LED, LCD, video walls, and touch screens.
  • TV Signage – This type of digital signage is capable of broadcasting specific messages.

If you are interested in LG digital signage, our San Diego AV team maybe able to provide you with these digital signage options.

Panasonic, Sharp, and LG and just some of the reliable brands that manufacture digital signage. If you interested in others, reach out to us in San Diego and we will let you know about other reliable and dependable digital signage.


Technology Behind Digital Signage

June 11, 2014

Digital signage is a cutting edge technology that allows businesses, San Diego Digital Signage; Technology Behind Digital Signageprofessionals, and government agencies to send messages to the public. The underlying technology uses LCD, LED, projectors, and video walls to send these messages. You may wonder what type of technology is being used to send these messages. Well, the technology is complex and incorporates intricate connections and wiring to produce images, messages, and videos. In this article we will briefly cover how LCD, LED, 2D and 3D digital signage work. Our team of professionals in San Diego ensures that this technology works effectively in all our digital signage equipment.

Digital Signage LED/LCD Modular Technology

LED displays or LED matrix displays uses modular display components to produce various sizes and shapes of displays. The displays contain 2 parts, display matrix modules, and display matrix controller. The matrix modules are joined with the controller to display the overall images.

LCD displays works similarly to LED displays, but uses a VGA matrix controller to create images.

LCD and LED work in similar ways. However, the technology has a few differences that can be more complex than combinations and connections. Our team of technicians in San Diego understands the complex technology of digital signage and would be more than happy to clear up any confusion about how the technology works.

Digital Signage 2D/3D Display Technology

Digital signage comes in 2D and 3D displays. Earlier digital displays used 2D technology, but 3D technology is now being used in digital signage. You do not need to 3D glasses to enjoy the effects of 3D in digital signs.

If you would like to learn more about 2D and 3D digital signage, contact us at our San Diego business.

LED and LCD technologies are widely used in digital signage because it is now more affordable to manufacture. 3D technology is also being implemented to create more sophisticated digital signage. If you would like to learn more, our San Diego business will help you understand how this technology work in digital signage.

Digital Signage

May 3, 2011

Digital Signage is the way of the future and can help grow your business.

san diego digital signage
Digital signs can inform, educate,  and entertain. Have you ever entered a store or a restaurant, and had your attention automatically go to the running TV?

Well, digital signage provides an even better, more tailored source of information and entertainment to the shopper or guest! Also, a digital sign can increase efficiency, productivity and enhance the enjoyment of your customer or guest’s overall experience.

Think of this: Moving images and music can be soothing and put people at ease. A digital sign will accomplish this for you.

Now, it can be a challenging task to setup digital signage for your business by yourself. Most people have limited or no experience in setting up a digital signage system. What kind of cables do I use? Plasma or LCD display? Will a regular monitor work well or do I need a professional model display?

That’s where we come in.

san diego digital signage

GotUWired is an expert in San Diego digital signage and we can get you a tailored setup that meets the needs of your business. After all, you only have a short amount of time to capture your customer’s attention!