San Diego Airport

February 3, 2014

SAN Airport Terminal 2b

The marketing department with the San Diego Airport approached us, stating that they needed a way to visualize the changes taking place at the airport. They wanted something interesting that would draw the consumers’ attention and inform the public of the upcoming changes at the Airport.

The solution they decided on was a video wall. We decided that this would be the best way for them to show the upcoming changes to the massive amount of consumers passing through the airport on a daily basis. We created the video wall in terminal 2, combining four 60-inch Sharp displays in a 2×2 format to create one giant 120-inch display. The video wall can display any content the user sets it to, and also has full audio capability. All the necessary equipment was installed behind the panels and we manufactured a silver frame to go around the whole set, which cleaned up the look very nicely. The entire system is controlled using a Crestron control system, where the users can login remotely to update the content whenever they want.

The marketing department is very satisfied with the finished product, and the video wall is now not only an informative display for customers, but also a beautiful cosmetic highlight.

CBT Systems Studio Technologies Live-Link Remote Camera

March 6, 2013

CBT Systems Sets up Studio Technologies Live-Link Remote Camera Interface Units in Areas Around North America

CBT Systems is a video media consulting, integration and design company that offers clients services about the NFL Network and NHL for Disney, Google-YouTube and Paramount. It chose the System of Studio Technologies Live-Link Remote Camera Interface for being its pre-positioned, unmanned camera systems centerpiece for event coverage and live sports.

Studio Technologies Live-Link Remote Camera

CBT Systems has set up in 20 venues over 50 Live-Link units so far. It’s supported by Live-Link with a robust platform for handling communications, production audio, video, IFB signals and camera control in an integrated, fiber-based system which facilitating production and installation workflow.

In addition to signals of audio and video, the camera/Live-Link systems visualized by CBT Systems enables a camera operator placed at a central production facility to transmit control signals to the cameras of remote robotic.

This Live-Link Remote Interface Camera System provides an inclusive fiber-optic-connected solution to transport audio, digital video, data and intercom between a control room, and a remote camera location. This point-to-point system contains two units, a portable Control Room and a portable Camera End.

It is certainly a great task to retrieve the audio and video information of the production from several events occurring simultaneously all over North America to deliver it to location of a central production.

What Audio/Video Improvements Can Do For Your Organization

January 20, 2011

Audiovisual isn’t just slide shows on rickety projectors anymore.  The audio video industry, like everything else, has taken a gigantic leap into the technological future.  Audiovisual systems enable a business to get their message across more effectively, because in many cases, visual presentations of information are much more memorable

Your company likely doesn’t have anyone with expertise in audio video.  It’s not uncommon to see IT specialists called in to try to set up a firm’s audio video system just because they have a basic techie background.  But real audio video specialists are engineers who can design to your company’s exacting specifications.  They do everything from hanging a projector from the ceiling of your meeting room to installing a motorized screen that comes out of the wall to programming the software that facilitates it all.  Your conference room can be transformed into a state-of-the art think tank, with all the equipment controlled by a single remote.

Seventy-five percent of all projection systems sold are for PowerPoint presentations, but audio video services range from LCD projectors to interactive whiteboards to audio and video conferencing systems that enable your staff to exchange ideas from as far away as separate continents.  Technological advances have kept pace with those in consumer electronics, with wall-hanging plasma displays that can handle inputs from different sources, including DVD and computer sources.  With all these technologies, your meetings can include interactive video, striking graphical representations of any kind of data, and information that viewers can engage with in powerful ways, whether the context is an employee in-service training, consultations with business partners or proposals to prospective customers.

The key variables in selecting audio video services are centered around what your company is going to use them for. The initial meeting with is called a “needs assessment,” and based on the information you provide, services will be designed around that.  Are the majority of your presentations based on PowerPoint, videoconferencing or computer-based training?  The number of meetings you conduct, the size of the group, and what type of presentation you are conducting should all be taken into account.

San Diego Audio Visual

June 14, 2010

Gotuwired of San Diego is a full-service supplier of San Diego audio visual, installation and staging for any conference room, facility or trade show in San Diego County and all surrounding areas. Our company can provide you with the latest and greatest turn-key audio visual systems to support all your conference room or event planning needs.

San Diego Audio Visual

San Diego Audio Visual

We also provide continued technical support to ensure the San Diego audio visual system operation long  after installation is complete.

GotuWired Audio Video has refined the methods of design, integration, and support for audio visual systems, by combining high-class audio visual practices with a truly client-oriented approach. We are proud of our wide experience and we are dedicated to integrity, flexibility and quality in all that we do.

San Diego has chosen us as its number one source for audio visual equipment installation services because of our exceptional skills, flawless execution and the years of audio visual experience in San Diego.

Call us now on 760.587.1516 to speak to one of our friendly San Diego audio visual specialists, we’re your best choice in San Diego!

Home Theater Setup

September 27, 2009

In a home theater setup process having the right components is just half of the equation, and the other half is how the components are placed and calibrated, and how the design of your room affects the sound and visual presentation. Today, it is no longer a matter of a small television set with pictures could hardly be seen from across the room. It is no longer even just sitting on a sofa and watching your favorite show from a big television. There is now more to everything in home viewing.

Today’s home theater systems are more complex than ever. It’s true that you can enjoy amazing pictures and high quality sound via high-resolution displaying sets and high performance audio systems. But, there are many connection options available in home theater setup. There are components that are basic to any home theater; these are the source, the video display, and the audio speakers. The most essential component of them is the source. This is the device that gives out television feed – with picture and sound – be it satellite, antenna or cable, DVD or DVR.

The screen is a very important component of the system; so many people would be looking for high-definition widescreen to get a better image. Whether it is an LCD, a Plasma TV or HDTV, the widescreen format copies the exact shape found in cinemas displaying more real image. Audio speakers are also an important part of home theater setup. So, if you want to enjoy a 3D surrounding sound, you will distribute the audio speakers through out the location. Having speakers in different spots will make you actually feel the sound coming from everywhere.

The key to picking a surround sound receiver is to find one that matches your speaker layout requirements. Most Receivers will work for Dolby Digital 5.1. Then depending on the model, they should also work for 6.1 or 7.1 surround. See the diagrams below to help you pick the right receiver type.

Each speaker of your home theater needs its own channel of amplification.  These amplifiers are typically built into audio/video receivers, but there are also many stand-alone multichannel power amplifiers for use with preamp/processor components. (Subwoofers, the “.1” channel, frequently incorporate their own built-in amplification and need only a line-level connection from the subwoofer output to the receiver.)

Dolby Digital 5.1 Setup:

Dolby Digital 6.1 Setup:

Dolby Digital 7.1 Setup:

San Diego projector

June 18, 2009

Do you need a projector for your next event or presentation?

Would you like to turn your backyard into an outdoor cinema theater or update your conference room with the latest presentation system?

For more than ten years in San Diego, we have built a reputation for superior projection installation service, customer support and technical service.

We service all parts of San Diego County and all our Audio/Video technicians have 7+ years of installation experience.
No matter where your home or office is we can install your projector, calibrate it and give you a full tutorial for operation. And if you are need help designing your system, Gotuwired can help! We can sit down with you and put together a system which fits your needs.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you. Call us at 760.587.1516 with your projector needs and we will do everything that we can to supply the projection equipment that you’ve been looking for.

With Gotuwired, all your Projection & Audio Visual needs are just a phone call away!