Extended Support

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Through our dedicated extended service plan, GotUWired’s certified technicians are on call to perform emergency and non-emergency service for all GotUWired installed systems.  As a first step we will attempt to troubleshoot the problem on the phone.  If a solution can’t be found we will dispatch a technician to get your situation remedied.

Certified, Prepared, Knowledgeable

All GotUWired lead technicians have industry-recognized credentials. To familiarize them with all aspects of your customized equipment, they’re present during the commissioning of your system. To ensure efficient service, each technician is trained on the equipment. They are totally familiar with expected levels of system performance and are armed with all the proper documentation to hit the ground running.

Contacting the Service Department

When contacting our Service Department please provide as much detail as possible about your service request or problem, indicating when you would like the service performed.  This will better enable us to assist you.