The marketing department with the San Diego Airport approached us, stating that they needed a way to visualize the changes taking place at the airport.

They wanted something interesting that would draw the consumers’ attention and inform the public of the upcoming changes at the Airport.

The solution they decided on was a video wall. We decided that this would be the best way for them to show the upcoming changes to the massive amount of consumers passing through the airport on a daily basis. We created the video wall in terminal 2, combining four 60-inch Sharp displays in a 2×2 format to create one giant 120-inch display. The video wall can display any content the user sets it to, and also has full audio capability. All the necessary equipment was installed behind the panels and we manufactured a silver frame to go around the whole set, which cleaned up the look very nicely. The entire system is controlled using a Crestron control system, where the users can login remotely to update the content whenever they want.

The marketing department is very satisfied with the finished product, and the video wall is now not only an informative display for customers, but also a beautiful cosmetic highlight.