Connectrac is the floor-based wireway alternative to expensive core drilling, allowing you to bring power and communications from the wall to the user in all interior applications.

This patented wireway solution allows for the ability to focus on aesthetics while still meeting the demands of power, IT and communications cabling. Connectrac is rapidly emerging as the new industry standard, replacing core drilling, trenching or using unsightly power poles for almost every type of facility, from corporate and education applications to retail locations and casinos.

Connectrac’s integrated wireway seamlessly integrates with carpet and other floor coverings. The industry’s lowest profile application can bring up to 18 CAT6 cables and power options to interior applications.  Along with options for VGA, HDMI and other video cabling, the Connectrac system allows you to run all needed wiring to the location you desire.  Their wireway solutions are customizable to meet the most demanding floor plans.  With Connectrac, you will never need to core or drill again.

Connectrac’s newest generation low-profile wireway systems are more subtle and powerful than ever. They incorporate lower-sloping MDF ramps which are earth-friendly and ADA compliant. Plus, with the accessible wireway cap along the length of the Connectrac system, keeping up with the latest technology is a snap. It is built for durability and functionality with a low-profile extruded aluminum wireway.