Closed Circuit Television CCTV

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Understand How Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Works

Closed Circuit Television CCTVClosed-circuit television (CCTV) uses video or surveillance cameras to send signals to monitors and recording devices at a separate location. Various technologies are used in CCTVs to control the components and the inner workings of the cameras. The technology and the mechanisms can be complex, but we will simplify how it all works to give you a better understanding. Our team of professional technicians in San Diego will also help you to understand how CCTV works.

Computer Technology

Computerized monitors are used instead of employees to track and monitor a specific area, generally an area outside the building. People, transportation, and unusual activities are monitored and recorded using these computerized monitors. These monitors are often linked to databases of people that maybe criminals or people of interest to law enforcement. If you are interested in computer monitors, contact our San Diego business and we will further explain how computerized monitors work in CCTV.

Networked CCTV

Networked CCTV is generally connected to public or private sector organizations that share information. In the public sector they are used to share images and activities with government businesses, such as public transportation, government offices, law enforcement, and schools. In the private sector they are also used to share the same type of information with their counter parts as well as government organization, such as law enforcement.

Wireless CCTV

Wireless CCTV is in high demand by consumers because they prefer to go wireless instead of using bulky video cables and wires. They are also less expensive and efficient to install than wired CCTV. They provide digital technology that produces clearer and cleaner images. Our San Diego business team is here to help you with your wireless CCTV needs.

Computerized monitors, networks, and wireless technologies are just a few CCTV systems that are being used by consumers and businesses.



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