JVC DLA-RS56 projector

March 17, 2013

JVC DLA-RS56 projector

The DLA-RS56 carries the certification of Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) such as other JVC projectors and it is undergoing now the certification of THX 3D. JVC Professional can be one of the very aggressive and popular manufacturers in the category of entire projector. In Indianapolis, this company made what it permanently makes during the just […]

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Latest on Projectors, Plasmas, LCD/LED TVs

March 16, 2013

Quixel Research has provided this year many reports on the consumer audio and video state. Here are some highlights on front projectors, LCD/LED TVs and plasma TVs. Low-resolution Video Projectors Drive the Category Front projectors grew in 2012 with unit sales by nearly 160,000 versus the previous year, but revenues minimized by 8% over year-over-year. […]

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Big screens battle it out

March 15, 2013

big screen

Theaters offer new dimensions like they shake things up for pulling in higher-paying audiences. The race is on for experiences which would be paid more for by moviegoers once it is established that an movie going public would gain more for a thing they felt as better. People will go out of their regular range […]

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Direct-Lit LED, LCD TVs Are In

March 14, 2013

Direct-Lit LED, LCD TVs

Comparatively more affordable direct-lit LED Back Light Units (BLUs) have stand out as the mainstream of the LCD TV market. Direct-lit LED BLUs has been chosen by some manufacturers like Samsung Electronics and a few other Chinese TVs manufactures up till last year. Now it has begun finding favor with a majority of companies this […]

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Plasma TV altitude: What height can they go?

March 13, 2013

Plasma TV altitude

Plasma TVs don’t handle well high altitudes because of how they work, but what height is very high? Plasmas generate light with buckets of tiny pixel-size lined with a phosphor material. A noble gas, like argon, is filled in these buckets and sparked into a plasma by Electrodes that emits UV light then makes the […]

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Panasonic: Plasma is still the best TV technology

March 12, 2013

Panasonic plasma TV

If you are purchasing a new TV and look for the best picture quality, plasma TV is still absolutely the best one to get. It isn’t like LED that is bright and more in the face, which many people like. But it’s a various appreciation kind for the TV experience with plasma TV. So it […]

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Qualcomm Talks Peer-to-peer Software

March 8, 2013


Qualcomm is pressing technology which enables smartphones and other devices sharing information with each other directly, even they run various operating systems or are made by various manufacturers. On Monday, the San Diego Company announced extra features in its peer-to-peer software platform, AllJoyn, which allows direct communication between devices like smartphones and tablets without connecting […]

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Proper San Diego home theater installation for better music experience

March 7, 2013

San Diego home theater installation

Home theater system Installation can be a complicated process while selecting exact location in the room for various units needs comprehensive and proper research. The skills and hands of the home theater system professionals will be required installing it properly. As these systems available in different shapes, brands and colors; it’s highly essential to judge […]

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CBT Systems Studio Technologies Live-Link Remote Camera

March 6, 2013

Studio Technologies Live-Link Remote Camera

CBT Systems Sets up Studio Technologies Live-Link Remote Camera Interface Units in Areas Around North America CBT Systems is a video media consulting, integration and design company that offers clients services about the NFL Network and NHL for Disney, Google-YouTube and Paramount. It chose the System of Studio Technologies Live-Link Remote Camera Interface for being […]

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WeVideo Cloud Editor Available for Sony Camcorder Owners for the First Time

March 4, 2013

WeVideo Cloud Editor

The leading internet video editing corporation, WeVideo, Inc., introduced a new cooperation with Sony Electronics, an audio/video leading provider of products of electronics and information technology, for making cloud-based, internet audio/video editing a reality to select Sony camcorder clients in the U.S. Owners of Action Cam models and Sony Handycam┬« camcorder from 2012 up to […]

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