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In an online world, your data cabling needs to be up-to-date and reliable.

GotUWired has the knowledge and expertise to turn your business into a connected, efficient, data-transmitting powerhouse. We’ll get everything running smoothly and efficiently, allowing you and your team to perform tasks on time and on budget.

Our data cabling services include:

  • CAT5 – Basic Data Cabling
    CAT5e – Basic Data Cabling (enhanced) , more suitable for high-speed Gigabit Ethernet
    CAT6 – Quickly becoming the industry standard for data cabling, faster, more efficient than CAT5
    CAT6a – CAT6 (augmented), better performance, less crosstalk
    CAT7 & CAT7a – High-performance Data Cabling, suitable to transmit data up to 100 meters
    SingleMode Fiber Optic – High-speed cabling which sends signals down thing strands of plastic fiber or glass; typically used only in long distance and high-bandwidth applications, such as college campuses
    MultiMode Fiber Optic – High-speed fiber optic cabling designed for shorter distances than single-mode fiber optics

After our consultation and expert analysis, we’ll work with you to decide which of these is right for your company, ensuring you’re best connected to carry out your duties as quickly and efficiently as possible.