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The GotUWired Team

Our staff provides clients with quality craftsmanship on each installation to assure a satisfied customer.  Guaranteed.


GotUWired founded in San Diego 2006


GotUWired was named an elite manufacturer by ACTi Corporation.
AJ Bajaj, CEO & A/V Design Specialist
AJ is the co-founder, manages the day-to-day operations and designs all A/V opportunities. He has a passion for Audio Video and has been in the industry for over 15 years. In today’s corporate environment AV…
Joel Chamian, Installation Division Manager
Joel is one of the co-founders of the company and leads the installation team.  He has an extensive expertise from construction to all aspects of A/V, cabling and CCTV.  Joel has worked in the industry…
Manny Aguilar, Lead Technician
Manny leads the team in the field and interacts with clients to ensure that each project is executed properly and that we adapt to any changes that may happen in the field.  At the completion of…
Primo Chamian, Electrician, Senior Technician
Primo is a licensed electrician and has his C-10 license.  He is responsible for putting in all electrical outlets for any TV, projector or other peripherals.  He is the company’s longest tenured team member and…
Ron Shepherd, CCTV Design Specialist
Ron performs site inspections for CCTV & Access control.  His passion is CCTV, whether analog or digital, to understand the client’s needs, determine camera placement, what type of camera and recording devices to use. With…
Griffin Cantrell, Business Development Manager
Griffin came to GotUWired after serving in the Navy for 4 years.  He is a great connector of people. He looks for connections and opportunities for people in his network to collaborate and work together,…
Cora Alvarado, Office Manager
Cora organizes all of the administrative activities that facilitate a smooth running office.  She ensures that all client communication is properly relayed to the rest of the team.  With a friendly approach to all that…
Frank Schultz, Senior Account Manager
Frank has worked in the B2B world for over 20 years.  He meets with client’s to understand their needs and helps develop solutions for their workplace. His positive energy and ability to follow-up long after…


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