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Professional Installation by Certified Installers

Our professional, technical installers manage the on-site equipment installation and video calibration processes at your home or business. Following installation, our specialists will test your system end-to-end, ensuring it meets manufacturer specifications and operates as intended. Our job is not done until everything is set up and running to your liking.

Programming: Another In-House Technical Service

Few audiovisual design build firms boast an in-house programming department. At Gotuwired, we gain a competitive advantage by creating our own macros and by writing custom code so your audiovisual devices and graphical user interfaces (GUIs) are intuitive and user-friendly. Utilizing our own programming department means we can expedite the tailored solutions that have built our reputation for design build excellence.

Staging, Fabrication, and Assembly—All Carefully Choreographed to Eliminate Delays

We will acquire the equipment you need and test it before it arrives in your office or business. We’ll build the racks, install the wire, and assemble and test the system in our facilities first. This carefully choreographed scenario minimizes on-site delays and delivers documentation and a system primed and ready for smooth installation.


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